Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last night, I baked a cake i found on smittenkitchen. I am sad to say that the cake did not turn out so well. I made the cake's base, but i felt it turned out too airy and more like a pound cake. I made the custard filling, and it turned out too thin. Also, there was way too much custard for my tastes. I then made the frosting, that somewhat resembles meringue. It turned out okay, but it was not enough to cover the whole entire cake. After eating a piece, a piece that fell apart, I have conlcuded that it is that custard that makes the cake taste odd. I do not know what it is. Perhaps I did not add enough lemon or I kept it over heat for too long. But my roommate and I have come to a conclusion that the custard could have been ommitted and the cake would have been fine. Maybe my next adventure will turn out better. I hope to make a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I believe everyone loves carrot cake, if not the cake, then the frosting.

here is a picture of the cake in all of its glory.

Next week is finals week so baking will be somewhat of a stress relievee and I am sure my roommates will appreciate having something nice to snack on while studying. I think life should be looking up now that spring break is upon us. I should go study now.

xoxo, yen.