Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hello again! So last night, my best friend texted me asking if I would like to bake some cupcakes. I obviously said yes and so today I headed over to her house. We didn't know what to make so we looked over my HELLO, CUPCAKE! book she got me for christmas. All the recipes were pretty easy but as college students and her being a mom, we thought it would be too much of a hassle as well as too much money. So I quickly remembered a recipe I came across a couple months ago. It was a "snowball cupcake." You know those hostess snowballs? Yeah, someone decided to change the recipe to fit cupcakes. We already had marshmallows and coconut so it seem to be perfect. I went to the store to buy *gasp* cake mix and frosting. I was too tired and lazy to bke from scratch. So we made the cupcakes and played scrabble as we waited for the cakes to finish baking. When they were done I began to melt the marshmallow, which seemed like forever. As the marshamallows melted, I colored the shredded coconut. After she frosted the cooled cupcakes, i coated it with some marshmallow and then dipped it into the coconut. And here is the end result:

My friend wanted some pink ones so I made some as well as blue and yellow ones. They were both chocolate and white cupcakes. Yumm!

This is a close up of a yellow cupcake. They were delicious. I ate some after this photoshoot. (:

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and especially christmas. Let us all remember our blessings and not take anything for granted, especially in times like this. Happy holidays everyone. XOXO