Friday, February 5, 2010


It has been so long since my last post. Looking back at those posts, I can't look back and not notice how much I've grown in a year. I have moved into an apartment with some suitemates from last year and it has been such a blast. I love being able to have a "home" in Davis that does not kick me out because Winter Break has started. I am currently watching Julie&Julia on my computer and cannot help but want to go to culinary school. I want to learn from experts and be able to come home and cook a delicious meal. Oh well, a girl can dream. Perhaps I can go to culinary school when I graduate from grad school. I doubt that will be possible, especially if I want to get a job. Maybe a summer cooking program? Ah, I am getting ahead of myself. I should start focusing on the NOW and start getting things on my to-do list done. I love crossing out my tasks and moving on the the next, and having a completely done list. Yay for lists!

Until then, I cannot help but plug this blog in:

Hello, friend.

It has inspired me to make Valentine's Day cards for my friends away from home. Until the next time.XOXO